Borderbrook Anglican Voluntary Controlled School



Borderbrook School is located in a beautiful, rural setting within a highly supportive community. The school is easily accessible in terms of location and our open door policy to the Head teacher, Mrs Fay Green and her staff.


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Governing Body

The school is governed by The Maelor Church Federation Governors, and you can hear a word from our Chairperson in the Governing Body page, as well as see the timetable for future meetings.




St Asaph Diocese

Borderbrook School is a Church In Wales school, and is part of the diocese of St. Asaph. Take a look at this page to learn more about our involvement with the Church and  find the link to the Diocese website too.


The PTA meet on a regular basis to organise fundraising events and support the school in any way they can. Have a look at their page to see what is happening at the moment.




School Supporters

Our small rural school relys on the support of many people, and here you will find a list of businesses, large and small, local and national, that help keep our school children in so many ways, from donations, fundraising and physical help to name but a few. If you know of any others that would like to help, please speak to our staff or PTA members.

Community Links

The school has very strong links with the Church and local community groups. Visit the Community Links page to see how the school is involved, and what the pupils are gaining from these links, as well as how the community benefits.