Borderbrook Anglican Voluntary Controlled School

Borderbrook School Policies


We are constantly working with our policies to keep them up to date. If you wish to see any of them, please contact school directly or via the website Contact Us form, and we will be happy to send them to you.

Policies are being added to this web page in no particular order. All of our policies are available from school.

If there is a specific policy that you wish to see that is not listed below, please contact us directly.

 Accessibility Plan 2023 RATIFIED 23.3.23.pdfDownload
 Additonal Learning Needs Policy 2022-23 RATIFIED 17.11.22.pdfDownload
 Admission Policy 2025-26 RATIFIED 23.11.23.docxDownload
 Annual Report to Parents Borderbrook 22-23 FINAL RATIFIED 28.9.23.docxDownload
 Anti Bullying Policy 2023 RATIFIED 25.01.23.pdfDownload
 Anti-bullying child friendly policy 2023-25 RATIFIED 25.5.23.pdfDownload
 Assessment and Target Setting Policy 2024 RATIFIED 21.2.24.docxDownload
 Attendance Policy 2022-25 RATIFIED 13.10.22.pdfDownload
 BB Prospectus 2022-23 RATIFIED 25.5.23.pdfDownload
 Behaviour child friendly policy 2023-25 RATIFIED 25.5.23.pdfDownload
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